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Hi I’m Sima Khondekar. Welcome back to my blog where I share my experimental life journey to encourage others to follow their hearts.

As a part of my journey, I want to help people, specifically women like myself who are entrepreneurs and business owners that are seeking growth.

I have this dream, this vision, to create a website where people can connect and expand their networks worldwide. My team is currently working on building the site, this will be an amazing platform for female entrepreneurs of all ages, who can join for free. I am calling it KaliPatra.com, a platform that opens doors to endless opportunities. I am here to create a positive online environment for everyone.

My intention is to hold a space to encourage positive discussions. I practice living from a place of higher intelligence, where everyone can practice love, honesty, and integrity.

I believe it is possible to always live in a happier state of mind through awareness. So, I thought, it’s time to expand our perspective and to live a better life. We are here to learn and grow, and to realize that it’s okay to outgrow the circle you are in. I am creating a worldwide culture of practicing higher thinking. We are nature. We are abundance and there is enough wealth in this world for all of us and more. 

My Positive Practice

Everything Always Exists

I’m seeing the world as whole. I accept it for what it is. I now choose positive thinking as I know my thoughts are powerful. I am infinitely aware, and I choose to live with love and compassion.

My Practice of I Am

I am living a life with honor and Integrity as I see in myself and others. 

I am thoughtfully living at a higher vibrational frequency each moment. 

I am a living magnet of wealth and abundance. 

I am here to inspire others to wake up to their true potential. 

I am a gift to the world. 

I am here to share my wisdom and my knowledge with total transparency to help others. I trust my vision and create a magnificent life for myself and for others. 

I am allowing the universe to co-create through me as I share my light with others.

The Power Force

I dare you to dream big and trust it!! Know that everything you want already exists within you. Learn how to access it. You have all the power. I have all the self-training tools here for you to learn and discover your own intelligence. I am beyond grateful to share that I have been living a beautiful life for at least the past five years. My journey has inspired many lives in the physical world. Now, I would like to inspire others to live their dream life. You can learn how to think from the heart because we are love. It is time for self-acceptance. You have God in you.


I dare you to repeat this mantra — I am perfect at this moment, as I am. Say that out loud three times as you breathe in and out. The practice of self-love is just that simple.

Thoughts are powerful, think big!!!

By nature, women can create and birth children. We are the creator of all men and women. We can think like men and women both. We are always whole in the sense of energy.

Technique Off Decluttering the Mind

I am lovingly letting go of all old beliefs that no longer serve my higher being. I am here with a clean heart and an open mind. I am present. I am in alignment with the divine energy of the universe.

I am now creating a dream life for myself and for others. I am here to provide support for all businesses and for my personal growth. I am here to open your mind to find the ‘power of you’ within.

For many years I have heard you can’t mix emotions and businesses together. That thinking didn’t work for me. I am an emotional being, that’s what makes me a human. I practice being authentic, so I designed my business where I get to practice my art. Art is all about emotions. I am thankful for my first business Naturally Sima (www.naturallysima.com).

My passion for beauty and connecting with Mother Nature helped me create this lifestyle I am living today. I am grateful for living an amazing life. I have been living this experience for a little over two years. My intention is to create a positive online environment to help everyone with a prospective shift.  

How we create a positive shift

We create a new online culture by sharing positive stories and ideas to inspire one another. We share helpful books, blogs, and ideas to make each other more knowledgeable about the world picture. Some of you might even become friends or business partners in time. Again, my dream is to create the biggest support system for women entrepreneurs. I welcome you all to join me on this greatest journey of my life. Maybe your life-changing opportunity is waiting right here. Be clear with your intention and be confident in your higher self.

Let’s help each other grow through true empowerment. Let’s co-create a magnificent life of joy and share each other’s cultures. I am here to share my experiment with positive thinking. Now, all my dreams came true instantly. Thank you, universe for this opportunity to serve. Let’s create a positive internet world together.

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