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My Journey to Mother Nature

Welcome! I’m excited to have you here.

My name is Sima Khondekar. I am passionate about nature and beauty. Being happy and living with joy are my intentions in life, so I have combined both of my passions and created my business called Naturally Sima Salon. I am thankful to everyone that inspired me to be here today.

My intention is to inspire others to pursue their passion by sharing my journey. Like many others I am a successful businesswoman with plenty of achievements, but beyond those, I am a woman whose mission is to show others the way to true success. I have redefined the word ‘success’ with freedom to live my passion and to inspire others to live their passion. Everyone is deserving and capable of creating their own success.

I truly believe everyone I connect with teaches me, or I learn from them. I value everyone I choose to spend time with.

So if you asked me, is it possible to be happy? The answer is yes. You can create any emotions by awareness. Everything comes from the Earth and goes right back to it. Mother Nature is the biggest creator. Nature has always been the answer, and when I tap into what the earth and mother nature have to offer, the world around me blossoms.

I’ve been living this experiment of “abundance living” for the past five years. I have enough years of experience, knowledge, and resources to show others the way to true empowerment. Everyone is empowered from within; I am here to show the way.

Personally speaking, I am fascinated by nature. I love learning about our beautiful planet earth. The more I see, the more I appreciate life. My vision is to see people using their natural gifts to create the life they choose to live.

My near-death experience has awakened me to life. And while I’m not advertising that everyone needs to experience a life-altering incident to have this outlook, I do want to urge you, as a reader, to stop, breathe and look at what nature has provided us. Try it. I dare you.

A part of living intentionally came the inspiration to seek knowledge from around the world. I learn and bring home incredible information to serve my clients with integrity and authentic care.

The very first time I traveled, my intention was to give my daughter the best gift for her high school graduation, so I bought us tickets to Europe. At first I was nervous because I didn’t speak French or Italian, but I knew in my heart that it would be fine, and it was. Through that trip I’ve learned how big and beautiful our planet is, and I’ve met some amazing people in my journey. I’ve even fallen in love with their culture, it taught me another way of living. I truly can say I’ve seen the beauty and miracles that is Mother Nature.

I cannot describe the unfathomable power of Mother Nature in words, but I know it helps the heart grow bigger. I’ve learned to love everyone and everything. I knew then that I had to begin a journey to discover my true nature. Spending countless hours learning about ancient cultures and their wisdom has taught me that nature is my greatest teacher, so it was time to experience it all.

And I’m currently doing it. I’ve experienced meditation inside the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, the beauty that is Costa Rica, and so much more. I’ll dive into my adventures more in-depth another time.

I am putting everything into this experiment to co-create my life with the universe. I’m hoping my story inspires you to create your beautiful journey in life.

But the journey is just getting started. Follow me as I share more about life, beauty, and nature.

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